All our Breads, Cakes, Pies and Pastries
are prepared from our Treasure of Family Recipes,
using only the Freshest Ingredients.

About Us

It started out as a dream.. A small from “scratch” bakery and sandwich shop that would provide good homemade food in a clean, friendly environment. We started looking for a location and soon found a small place that would suit our needs. When our doors opened on May 15th of 2001 we had no idea where our business would go. Before long, however, there was a loyal following. It began and remains a family run business.

Our mother, Margaret Jantz, supplied many of the recipes. Some of the soup recipes were from her mom, our grandmother. Mom, with three of her sons (she has six of them and one daughter) Larry, Sheldon and Andrew, and Sheldon's wife Andrea were the original “crew” that began operations. We three brothers were farming partners and this was going to be a little side operation. However, it didn’t take long and we realized it was going to be a more full time business. Things began to grow and we soon added more help and more menu items. Breakfast started out with pastries, then biscuits and gravy, and finally a full breakfast.

After almost seven years at our original location we had maxed out our little café. A larger facility was found just down the street and on November 15, 2007 we opened at our current location. We now had room to continue to grow. We were able to add more items to our bakery selection and improve our operation.

Andrea’s parents live in Mariposa, CA and on November 18, 2009 we added a small location in this friendly town. Everything is baked at our Atwater location and delivered fresh each morning. In the summer of 2011 we began to serve lunches here as well.

On February 11, 2013, Sam Eck, (Andrea's brother) opened our third location in Merced, CA. The same menu and dining experience can be had as in our original Atwater location. It is located in the El Portal plaza and is a perfect place to stop when going to an appointment or any time you need some good old fashioned food!

Today the business is ran by us, Sheldon and Andrea, along with a terrific team of employees! We offer a full breakfast as well as lunch. All of our breads used for sandwiches are baked fresh in our bakery. Mariah, Noah, and Silas, our three children, can often be spotted at the café. They are the official cookie taste testers!

As we have grown, our commitment to our customers has never changed. After all, you are not just a customer, you are a friend! Only the best quality ingredients are used in each recipe. We make small batches of product and do not use preservatives. Our goal is that every time you come in you will have the best possible dining experience. It has been a very rewarding privilege to be a part of the community for the past twelve years and we look forward to many more!